Monday, March 24, 2014

Kid Birthday Cakes

I finally found motivation to plan Ellie's party, specifically her cake, and I'm so excited about it! I felt really inspired as I sketched out my ideas. It could be my best cake yet, if I can pull it off.

Since this is my first post here, a quick look at my cakes of past is in order.

I have learned a lot since Ellie's first birthday penguin.

Her second birthday hippo was my first time using fondant.
Funny story about this one. The cable guy who came to do some repairs saw the
hippo cake as I was making it, and he later called to ask if I made cakes. So I made this cake for his son. It's a Monsters vs. Aliens character. It's the first and only cake I have ever sold. $30, if I recall correctly.
Ellie's third birthday dinosaur
Her 4th birthday Rapunzel was my first human figure cake. Not a very good resemblance, but it was still a crowd-pleaser.
I made this Mike Wazowski cake for a good friend.
Katie's First birthday Rainbow Fish cake was really a pain to make; things kept falling off... it was not my best work.
Ellie's Angelina Ballerina cake for her 5th birthday went through some tough times, being transported back and forth due to a problem with the party venue, but I was ridiculously proud of the Angelina figurine.
I don't know if I can ever top this cake. Katie's 2nd birthday Winnie the Pooh cake is my favorite cake I've made so far. I put in a lot of time and detail work, and it was totally worth it.
Anthony's first birthday groundhog cake. My work is getting cleaner, I think.
And those are all the kids' birthday cakes I have made so far. Next up is Ellie's Sofia the First Tea Party cake. The hard part will be pulling off the characters' faces, but I have found some good examples on Pinterest, so I hope I can do them justice.