Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dragon Cake, take 2

Katie's How to Train Your Dragon cake was a huge hit; so much that my running buddy asked me to make some dragons for her daughter's 4th birthday party this weekend. I made the toppers, and she took care of the cake. 

I started out making Stormfly and Toothless. They were much larger than the ones I made for Katie's cake. 

Then I got to work on Astrid and Hiccup. 

I think they all looked pretty good. 

Then I loaded them up into a box lined with felt for transport. 

I had packed some extra gray fondant, and the birthday girl and her sisters made "rocks" to decorate the cake. 

Finally, the finished product:

Another successful dragon cake, this time with many hands involved to make it extra special for a sweet little girl. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween crafts & Olaf

I have not forgotten about blogging about my creative adventures; I just had a weird month and got hyper-focused on training for some running races, but I'm over that now (and feeling a lot less stressed!). Plus I do have some projects in the works, both cake and non-cake, that I will share as I finish them.

As we all know, Halloween is in a week (less!), so we made a few fun crafts to decorate the house over the past few weeks. 

Window monsters

And masks

Spider web lacing

Spider painting

And of course, lots of pumpkin decorating with markers and paint pens, and Grammie and Opa even came over one evening with pumpkins and foam stickers. 

Last night was Trunk or Treat at Ellie's school. The girls were dressing up as Anna and Elsa, and Anthony had a puppy costume he was going to wear, but after 5 minutes with a hot glue gun and some crafting supplies, he became the perfect companion to the princesses of Arendelle. 

All you need is a white onesie, a hot glue gun, a white baseball cap, googly eyes, and black and orange felt. The carrot nose is just rolled up felt. No sewing or stuffing required! Easy as pie! He really enjoyed being Olaf, and everyone thought he was adorable! We put pants on him (borrowed from Katie's closet) to complete the look. 

The best part (and most important) is that we all had fun. Happy Halloween!